Stand Up. Speak Out. Come Home.

Our members work in the most danerous industries in the country. Every six minutes a worker suffers a serious injury or dies on the job in the workplaces we cover.

Our Jobs. Our Kids. Our Future

From constructions sites to paper mills to mines, jobs are disappearing and hurting our communities. Our young people just can’t get a start: youth unemployment is at a record high, and apprenticeships are at a record low. Despite this, Malcolm Turnbull has no plan for our jobs, our kids or our future. But we do.


Stop The ABCC

Stop the ABCC. Who will they come for next?

What's the Point of Malcolm?

Malcolm Turnbull now supports Tony Abbott's anti-equality agenda. He's turned his back on LGBTI Australians. So #WhatsThePoint of having Malcolm Turnbull as Prime Minister?