Larger mining companies are not interested in investing in regional communities and are looking at cheaper options by providing temporary accommodation.  Temporary accommodation has proven to come with a lot of social problems;  drugs and alcohol, marriage breakups and a huge suicide rate.

This problem will only continue to get worse in regional Queensland and the Northern Territory over the next five years.  I urge all our members to read our union policy (on left) regarding this important issue.

Michael Ravbar - State Secretary - CFMEU QLD/NT Branch.



FIFO/DIDO Rosters  (extract of an article by Assistant State Secretary, Jade Ingham)

Rosters are an extremely important term of employment, as the sacrifices members make when they leave home are many.  Our challenge is to achieve rosters that strike the right balance between earning capacity and lifestyle.  Members have been telling us for years that traditional FIFO rosters are too long (usually 4 weeks on 1 week off i.e. 4/1 or 28/7 days).  The two rosters that members have been telling us strike the right balance between earning capacity and lifestyle are 21/7 (3 weeks on 1 week off) or 10/4 (10 days on 4 days off). 

The CFMEU has fought hard for both rosters, getting members home to their loved ones more frequently.  Unfortunately some contractors have bastardised the 21/7 by putting their fatigue days (aka pyjama days) on Sundays.  Without Sunday's "double-bubble", it means that the money is not that much better than at home.  To maintain earning capacity a 3/1 roster should be worked 10/1 then 10/7 (days).  We are still having some trouble convincing certain coal mine SSE's to adopt these rosters on existing sites. They seem to think that construction workers are in the mining industry.  At least we have achieved the 21/7 roster, as opposed to the AWU agreements in Gladstone who are still on a 28/7.

Over time we hope to get to the point of driving better rosters throughout the entire industry, given that the construction industry is increasingly focussed on regional areas. By no means are the current rosters perfect and no doubt they will evolve as competition for workers heats up.  To ensure your union is able to continue fighting for better rosters, we need to maintain our strong membership base.  By being in the union you have a voice on these issues and can influence change!  Scabs have no voice, and they don't deserve one.

Video BelowAssistant State Secretary, Jade Ingham discussing issues in regional areas including FIFO conditions