The CFMEU welcomes the growing number of women who are making their way, or trying to access employment, in male dominated industries such as construction.

One of the key issues for women in getting a job in our industry is training – both in their access to apprenticeships and traineeships and in their access to skills development on the job. The CFMEU runs an ‘Equal Opportunity’ Apprentice Scholarship Scheme and we actively encourage females to seriously consider taking up a trade.

The trades on offer through the scholarship schemes are:  bricklaying, plastering, tiling, carpentry, shopfitting, painting, Certificate III in Civil Construction and Certificate III in Civil Construction – Plant Operating.  For more information about the apprenticeship scheme and to download an application form please click here.

One thing that should appeal to women entering the industry is that there is less wage discrimination.  If they can do the same work as their male counterparts, they can expect to get paid the same rates. Employers need to overcome their discrimination of hiring women in the trades and semi-skilled areas as this is an untapped source where employers could employ and train women instead of utilising temporary foreign labour to fill any skills shortages.

This web page has been created as a support to women in construction, to provide information and to encourage more women to take active roles within the CFMEU.  If you are interested in getting involved, or are wanting more information regarding any of the projects the union participates in, then please complete the contact form (click here)  or call our office on 3231 4600.  

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Anna Stewart Memorial Project

Each year the CFMEU is proud to be involved in the Anna Stewart Memorial Project, run by the QCU. Anna Stewart was an organiser in Victoria from 1975 to 1983, she was a founding member of the ACTU Women’s Committee. Anna tragically died at age 35. The project's objectives are:

* To provide a fitting memorial to a leading trade unionist.

* To facilitate the greater involvement of women in the trade union movement and to encourage women to stand for office or to seek jobs within trade unions.

* To encourage the integration of women into union structures by increasing the opportunity for involvement in those structures, thereby seeking to overcome the sense of alienation often experienced by female members.

* To promote greater awareness within unions of the particular needs of female members and the important contribution women can make to the development and growth of unions.

* To promote women's understanding of the day to day operations of individual unions and to further their knowledge of collective activities of groups of unions and State and National Peak Councils.

* To facilitate a greater understanding of the industrial issues confronting women in both blue and white collar occupations with a view to bridging the gaps which often exists between workers in these areas.

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