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Media Release 13.4.17 - ACTU

$10 million a day: That’s how much workers stand to lose if Turnbull has his way on penalty rates cuts

If the Turnbull Government’s cuts to public holiday pay had been implemented already Australians would lose more than $10 million every public holiday and $30 million in wages over the Easter long weekend.  New estimates by the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) shows at least $10,151,444 would be lost to the Australian workers’ wages every public holiday if Prime Minister Turnbull goes ahead and cuts penalty rates.  ACTU Secretary Sally McManus says working people from the retail, hospitality and fast food industries face crippling cuts to their take-home pay if Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull succeeds with his plan to cut penalty rates and public holiday pay. click here to read full story

Media Release 28.3.17 - ADSS

Cyclone Debbie asbestos debris warning

The deadly dangers Cyclone Debbie has brought to north and central Queensland won’t end after the cyclone finally blows itself out, the Asbestos Disease Support Society (ADSS) has warned.  There could be significant health risks lurking in the debris, and community members, volunteers and workers engaged in the clean-up after the storm will need to be careful if they do not want to put themselves and others in harm’s way.  ADSS Chief Executive Officer Amanda Richards urged the community and the army of volunteer and other workers expected to help in affected towns to be careful and treat every pile of damaged building material as asbestos-contaminated until professional tests proved otherwise.  Failure to take precautions now could result in potentially fatal health issues many months or even years after the impacts of Cyclone Debbie are a distant memory.  Click  here to read full story.