CFMEU 150 years

Building Unity

The history of the CFMEU in Queensland


Building Unity traces the vibrant and turbulent history of Queensland's oldest union, the CFMEU. From its humble beginnings in 1858, the Union has consistently been at the forefront of many of the industrial, social and political battles that have characterised the State. This documentary tells the stories of people who lived through these times, who struggled and won together.

Over the past 150 years, the CFMEU has fought to improve the working conditions of Queensland construction workers. The Union, like the State, has developed and expanded. Built on solid foundations, the Union remains a progressive political force, a democratic and responsive organisation and a militant industrial union.

This film commemorates a proud history and celebrates the solid legacy established for future generations of Queensland building workers.

Director: Joh Loh

Executive Producer: Jason Stein

Writer: Cathryn Harland

Narrator: John Flaus

Produced by: Publicity Works

Duration: approx. 30 minutes in total (5 parts - see below)